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Land Warfare

Land Warfare is just one guy with a passion and a dream to build fun custom guns. I've done everything from dig ditches & pick up trash for a living, to sales & IT work. I've now been a machinist in a job shop since 2015. I run equipment from 60's era manual lathes and mills, to CNC equipment. I have experience designing and building all sorts of things from firearms and silencers, custom industrial tools, and even one heck of a mailbox. 

My current services include retail firearms sales and gunsmith/custom machine work. Cerakote is in the near future along with 3D printing reinforced nylon. My Long term goals are 3D printed silencers, and an MP7 inspired personal defense weapon.  

Seamless Brushed Metal Texture Wildtextu

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Goochland, Va

Tel: 804-687-2837

Instagram @Land.Warfare

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